According to Forbes, food developers love thinking about which “it” flavor is going to pop this year, or which vegetable will replace kale and cauliflower. But there are generally bigger, longer-term societal changes that drive these things. We call them Macro Trends, and we’re thinking about them in the short term, and considering how they will impact things in the long term. Forbes’ picks for 2019 are the following:

1. Factory Automation Hits QSR

2. The Sprouting Plant-Based EcoSystem

3. The New Ag: From Sea to Cell

4. Sweetness Preference Shifting

5. The New Head Buzz

6. Cannabis Compound Callouts

7. Clean Label Commoditization Drives Brand Importance

8. Big Food And $ Offer Motivation to Start A Food Biz

9. Single-Serve Plastic Packaging at Risk

10. The Devaluing And De-socializing Of Dining Out

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Source: Forbes