Benefits of Membership

Members of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, one of the most prestigious, dynamic, and active business organizations in Greece, are at the forefront of business and commercial developments and enjoy multiple advantages. Each member has access to and benefits from events, advocacy, networking, sectoral engagement, trade assistance, public affairs, and information.

Become a Member



The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce organizes and hosts numerous events throughout the year—major conferences, business missions, seminars, VIP luncheons, receptions, business development events, and much more. Chamber members are able to participate in these high level events, meet and listen to business and government leaders, and keep abreast of developments, trends, and business issues.


The Chamber is a strong advocate for the interests of its members. Through position papers, direct engagement, and specialized events, the Chamber acts on behalf of its members to advocate policy, reform, and new legislation.


Chamber members have the opportunity to network at all appropriate levels. The Chamber hosts high-level business and government leaders, from Greece and the United States, at events where Chamber members have the opportunity to discuss topics directly related to their businesses. In addition, Chamber members regularly have the opportunity to network among themselves, creating new relationships important for business development.

Sectoral Developments

The Chamber addresses sectoral developments through its numerous committees, each dedicated to a specific sector or business interest. Committees are made up of specialists from the Chamber membership who develop positions, create events, and conduct a dialogue with appropriate representatives from the public and private spheres.

Trade Assistance

Chamber specialists assist members in their search for trade partners, in Greece, Southeast Europe, the United States, and beyond.

Public Affairs

The Chamber maintains an open dialogue with the government of Greece, the main opposition party, the United States Embassy in Athens, and the United States Consulate in Thessaloniki. The Chamber leadership, as well as Chamber members, interface with government representatives to present Chamber positions, follow policy developments, and foresee trends.


The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce publishes Business Partners, a bimonthly magazine that addresses current business topics; an annual Directory, and material throughout the year related to events and current issues. The website of the Chamber is a valuable resource for doing business in Greece and the United States and following Chamber activities and business issues throughout the year.