Chamber History

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1932 and today remains one of the most active and successful Amchams in Europe. Throughout the Chamber’s history, it has hosted Presidents and Prime Ministers, launched events and conferences on both sides of the Atlantic, and has promoted the interests of its members while enhancing Greece-U.S. commercial and trade relations.


1932 Establishment of the American-Hellenic  Chamber of Commerce


1957  1st Annual Dinner, The Waldorf Astoria


1965  1st Thessaloniki International Fair

a 1st Thessaloniki International Fair, U.S. Pavilion

1985  January 1st New Year’s Reception

b 1st new years reception

1985 September Speech Gaston Thorn, President of the European Commission

c Gaston Thorn Speech, President of the European Commission

1985 December Annual Dinner, Lee Hebner, Publisher IHT

d Annual Dinner, Lee Huebner, Publisher IHT

1986 May 1st IHT Conference

e 1st IHT Conference

1986 June 1st Posidonia Exhibition

f 1st Posidonia Exhibition, U.S. Pailion

1987 June Speech A. Papandreou, Prime Minister

g Speech A. Papandreou, Prime Minister

1988 January 1st Amtech Exhibition

h 1st AMTECH Exhibition

1988 October 1st Defendory Exhibition

i 1st Defendory Exhibition, U.S. Pavilion

1990 1st Greek Economy Conference

j 1st Greek Economy Conference

1991 July George Bush, President of the USA visit

k Visit of George W. Bush, 43rd President of the U.S.A

1991 July Speech of His Eminence the Archbishop of North & South America Iakovos

l Speech of his Eminence The Archbishop of Northern South Am

1992 January Chamber’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

m Chamber 60th Anniversary Celebration

1992 May Painting Exhibition

n Painting Exhibition to celebrate the 60th Anniversary

1992 November 1st Thanksgiving Dinner

1993 March 1st Banktech Exhibition

p 1st BANKTECH Exhibition

1993 June USA-GREECE-TURKEY Conference


1993 September Speech of Michail Gorbachev

r Speech of Mikhail Gorbachev

1994 April 1st Balkan Conference (Thessaloniki Forum)

s 1st Balkan Conference (THESSALONIKI FORUM)

1994 April Prime Minister’s A. Papandreou trip to the USA

s A. Papandreou Trip to the U.S.A.-1994

1994 September The Balkans & Eastern Mediterranean Conference in Washington

u The Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean Conference in Washig

1995 June Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships Regional Conference/ Challenges of the Year 2000

v Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships Regional Conference-June 1

1996 March Hillary Clinton Visit

w Hillary Clinton Visit-1996

1999 July Business Delegation to Albania

1999 November William J. Clinton, President of the USA visit

x William J. Clinton, President of the U.S.A.Visit

1999 November 1st Professional Women’s Forum

s Forum

2000 January Business Delegation to Kossovo

2000 December Business Delegation to Bulgaria/ Skopjie

2001 January 1st Comdex Greece

z 1st Comdex Greece -2001

2002 February 1st Healthworld Conference

1 1st Healthworld Conference

2002 April Prince Alexandros & Princess Catherine of Yugoslavia visit

2002 September Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York

2002 November Chamber’s 70th Anniversary Celebration

2003 June 1st CSR Conference

2 1st CSR Conference

2004 June-July Trade Mission to Bulgaria

2004 October 1st Taxation Conference (Athens & Thessaloniki)

3 1st Taxation Conference

2005 March Tourism Conference New York Greece the Ultimate Destination

4 Tourism Conference New York-Greece-The Ultimate Destinatio

2006 March Trade Mission to Albania

5 Trade Mission to Albania

2006 October 1st Branding Conference

6 1st Branding Conference

2007 March Delegation to Romania

7 Delegation to Romania

2007 April Trade Mission to Egypt

8 Trade Mission to Egypt

2007 July Thomas Donohue, President & CEO, US Chamber of Commerce

9 Visit of Thomas Donohue, President & CEO, U.S. Chamber of

2008 June Conference in Washington DC: Opportunities in The New Greece

10 Conference in Washington DC

2009 April  Dinner with keynote speaker George Provopoulos, Governor, Bank of Greece


2009 May Series of events organized in cooperation with the five Bilateral Chambers
(American-Hellenic, British Hellenic, French Hellenic, German Hellenic and Italian Hellenic)
entitled “The Future of the Greek Economy: In Quest of a New Strategy”

5 chambers events

2009 June 1st Corporate Governance Conference: “Innovative Practices for the Public, Banking and Corporate Governance”

corporate governance 2009

2009 June The Women in Business Committee 1st Forum 2009, Inclusive Leadership: A Case for Women on Boards

wib forum 2009

2009 November 1st Innovation and Education Committee Conference entitled “The Contribution of Innovation & Education to Enterprise Development”

innovation conference 2009

2009 November 1st Anti-Money Laundering Conference


The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce has been served by leaders of the business community who have strived to strengthen the role of the Chamber since its founding. In 2001, the Chamber elected to have one president serve, rather than one Greek and one American President, in an effort to streamline its administrative procedures.

Greek Presidents

1953 – 1962  P. Anagnostopoulos

1962 – 1974  K. Lazarakis

1975 – 1998  D. Petsiavas

1998 – 2001  C. Papagiannacopoulos

2001 – 2007  S. Costopoulos

2007 – 2013  Y. Gramatidis

American Presidents

1953 – 1955  M. Ferson

1960 – 1962  S. Moody

1968  G. Mcgruder

1969 – 1971  F. Kiddoo

1971  N. Chambers

1971 – 1977  C. Sykes

1977 – 1978  B. Cook

1978 – 1988  C. Politis

1988 – 1998  C. Ioannou

1998 – 2000  A. Manias

2000 – 2001  G. Kostakis

The Executive Director of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Chamber. The Executive Director is a full-time professional who oversees the Chamber staff and implements strategy in cooperation with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors

– 1963  D. Avramides

1963 – 1979  D. Georgiopoulos

1980 – 1995 S. Tsomokos

1995 – 2001  S. Yannopoulos

2001 – 2009  A. Lamnidis