The Institute on Economic Policy and Public Governance to focus on creating a National Agenda in its effort to impact employment, growth and state reform.

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce has launched a new initiative, The Institute on Economic Policy and Public Governance, designed to be a positive, pro-active voice in shaping Greece’s future.

The Institute on Economic Policy and Public Governance (The Policy Institute) brings together a wide spectrum of Greek society in an effort to propel Greece on a more meritocratic, transparent, sustainable and growth-oriented course of development.

The Institute, to act as a think tank, is to propose recommendations that lead to sustainable economic growth, more employment, and a more collaborative approach to devising solutions.

In parallel, the Institute focuses on assisting in reforming the public administration to be more efficient, effective, and responsive to the needs of all citizens in Greece.

A key element of the Policy Institute is to establish a National Agenda, a set of objectives embraced by political parties and social partners that represent a consensus on fundamental needs in Greece: national defense strength, economic growth, creation of employment, entrepreneurship, FDI, an effective education system, reduction of informal labor, and improving public governance.

The Policy Institute will focus on research, policy recommendations, and the exchange of ideas through discussions, white papers, articles, and events, and relies on the expertise of Chamber Committee members, academic scholars, business executives, NGOs, and business and trade associations.




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