Team TradeUSA was created to continuously consult and support Greek corporations at their trade strategy towards the US Market.

  • We act as a “Help Desk” to AmCham members and Greek Companies, in general, providing support and guidance to their trade endeavor
  • We support Greek corporations to any legal issue appear regarding the US Market, eg. Sales contracts etc.
  • We care to organize flexible business delegations (up to 15 corporations) targeting US industries individually in order to meet every company’s requirements.
  • We coordinate and group (match making) small number of corporations, based on their trade field, to submit joint business proposals seeking
    • funding
    • development of their trade(export) activity
    • any other activity towards private and public organizations
  • We, mainly, focus our actions on major commercial sectors such as Food & Beverages, Construction Material, Electrical Engineering Material etc.
  • We produce in-house sectoral market research reports, e.g. Olive Oil, to offer companies “ease of access” to qualitative finding regarding the US Market allowing them to prepare their action in a more cost-effective way.