Food comporganic-checkoff_KA0Ca8k.jpg.370x370_q85anies that take notice of consumers’ growing interest in fresh, natural, and organic products continue to do better, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s  Nondurable Products Report 2018. Two big factors in the rise of customer satisfaction are food quality improving and food prices rising slower than anticipated. Hershey, which removed artificial ingredients from many of its core products and made nutritional information more accessible, held its top spot in food manufacturing with an ACSI score of 86. However, it barely held the lead as Dole leaped 4 percent to 85, having the biggest increase among food manufacturers. General Mills rose 2 percent to 84 for third place thanks to investments in organic products, tying it with Quaker and Mars.

As customers continue to choose bottled water and other healthy beverages over sugary sodas, customer satisfaction with soft drinks fell 2.4 percent to 82. Customer satisfaction was up with other beverage producers such as La Croix and Kombucha, according to the report.

Source: Specialty Food Association