TradeUSA - Publish2

Our TradeUSA Team is able to provide corporations with Market Research Reports analyzing product segments resulting to quantitative and qualitative analysis highlighting consumer & market trends

  • TradeUSA publishes Market Research Reports analyzing product segments by their HS Codes regarding the US Market and via primary and secondary resources concludes to facts and suggested strategies proposed to Greek companies penetrating/further developing the US Market.
  • We, also, produce on demand customized Market Research Reports on consumer behavior/trends in the USA for Greek corporations.
  • General Market Research Reports are made available on the Internet after 1 year from their initial publication and through TradeUSA microsite.
  • The TradeUSA Department, under the firm support of AmCham Greece, publishes the Trade Directory “Doing Business in the USA” acting as a toolkit to corporations at their trade initiatives including topics of trade success stories, negotiations strategies, trade and export culture, penetration strategies etc.
  • We also publish a Greek Products & Services Directory to present, under a unified photographic theme per corporation, aiming at its distribution to US Importers / Brokers / Retailers / Distributors and Key Account Purchasing & Distribution Networks across the USA.