Agrotechnology Committee

Mission Statement

To act as a catalyst among producers, industry and government; to help form a national strategy and facilitate reforms across the agro-industry value chain; to enhance competitiveness and to develop a framework for local products to penetrate world markets, especially the U.S. market.

Key Issues

Economic development and increased employment through a stronger agrofood sector.

Enhanced access of local agrofood products to world markets.

Know-how transfer to ensure local producers are kept abreast of developments in the sector.

Rational allocation of resources to ensure optimal effectiveness in production and marketing of products.

Communication among stakeholders to ensure positions are part of the public dialogue.

Key Messages

Greece must design and implement a coherent and up-to-date national strategy for promoting its food products internationally.

Greece can improve the effectiveness of the sector through a more efficient allocation of resources and EU grants.

Greece can reap further benefits from synergies between the agrofood sector and other industries, esp. tourism.

Key Events

Agrotechnology Conference | An annual event held at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki that provides a forum for high level discussion among key stakeholders. In 2015, the 4th Conference was held, with more than 200 delegates,.

Meetings throughout the year with officials to discuss current issues, submit proposals and advocate on behalf of the agrofood industry.

Committee Members


Bezergiannis Stella, Principal Researcher, THE CENTER FOR RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY – HELLAS

Chriss Dimitrios, Chief Operating Officer, TUVUNU S.A.

Constantinos Constantinidis, Managing Director, PELOPAC

Efthymiadis Thymis, Vice President, REDESTOS – Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group

Karagiorgos Nikolaos, President, KARAGIORGOS COTTON INDUSTRY

Katsaros Georgios, Managing Director, KATSAROS E. S.A.

Kouimtzis Athanasios, General Manager, KOUIMTZIS S.A.

Koukakis Athanasios, Managing Director, FARMA KOUKAKI

Michailides Ekaterini, Legal Representative, EVYP LLP.

Nakas Ioannis, Purchasing Manager, GREENFOOD

Tsaftaris Athanasios, Dean, AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL

Vergos Evangelos, Dean, AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL


Committee Coordinator: Nikos Tsavdaroglou