Greek Economy Conference Committee

Mission Statement

To identify and examine key economic issues of concern to the business community, both in Greece and abroad. To create a topical and challenging conference that  brings together representatives of the private and public sectors for a demanding debate and a constructive dialogue on current events affecting the  Greek and global economy.

Greek Economy Conference Committee Activities

  • The organization of the annual Greek Economy Conference. The Greek Economy Conference is the flagship event of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. It has been organized by the Chamber for 20 consecutive years with great success and has rightly been recognized and established as the leading and most successful conference in the economic sector in Greece.
  • The highlights of the Conference are the keynote speeches of the Prime Minister of Greece and the Opposition Leader, delivered at the two official dinners. Since the addresses tend to outline progress of the previous year as well as current intentions and oppositions toward the course of the Greek and Global Economy, they are anticipated each year with great interest by the political and business community of Greece.

The conference attracts more than 500 delegates and speakers from Greece and abroad, who exchange views on current economic trends and issues.

Chairman of the Committee

Αnastasopoulos Simos, Chairman & CEO, PETSIAVAS N. S.A.

Committee Members

Antoniades Vassilis, Partner & Managing Director, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP

Bacacos George, President & Managing Director, BACACOS P. CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS CO. S.A.

Mamidakis Eleftheria, Vice President, MAMIDOIL JETOIL PETROLEUM COMPANY S.A.

Committee Coordinator: Dikeoulia Angeliki