Ipr Committee

Intellectual Property Rights Committee

Mission Statement

To present the measures and recent developments in the Intellectual Property Law Enforcement, the IPR infringement policy for the protection of the world economy and the enterprises strategy and policy for the protection of the IPR rights.

The IPR Committee aims to bring together practitioners, policy-makers and executives to encourage collaboration and create a platform of information and recommendations.

Committee Chair

Zachou Dora, Brand Protection Manager, Nike Hellas

Committee Members

Galanopoulou Katerina, Legal and Compliance Counsel, SAP Hellas

Kosmopoulos Michalis, Partner, Drakopoulos Law Firm

Mastrocostas Yannis, Manager Illicit Trade Strategies & Prevention, Philip Morris International

Michos George, General Manager, Company for Protection of Audiovisual Works

Michos Stathis, Legal Director, Pfizer Hellas S.A.

Paparrigopoulos Xenophon, Partner, PotamitisVekris Law Company

Vasileiadou Julie, Associate, Kyriakides, Georgopoulos Law Firm


Committee Coordinator: Constantinidou Daphne