Women in Business (WIB) Committee

Mission Statement

To serve as a premier catalyst for the leadership development of professional women through disseminating learning on international and national best practices and to work with all sectors of the local economy to promote and enhance the development and influence of professional women in the business world.

Women in Business (WIB) Committee

  • Organization of events and forums with prominent international and local speakers, providing vision and practices to succeed in today’s business environment
  • Networking events to help women integrate and establish new collaborations
  • On-line networking platform, through our LinkedIn Group, where women executives can discuss and elaborate their thoughts and opinions, swap business stories and share their concerns

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Γιατί οι ευτυχισμένοι άνθρωποι είναι πιο παραγωγικοί εργαζόμενοι
(cnn.gr, 28/12/2018)
Katerina Tsempelidou, Member, WIB Committee

Shipping: A Modernizing Industry
(Business Partners Magazine, September-October 2018)
Liona Bachas, Member, WIB Committee

H ημιμάθεια λαμπρύνεται στο βασίλειο της καταιγιστικής πληροφόρησης
(cnn.gr, 30/9/2018)
Marica Labou, Member, WIB Committee

Ηγεσία στην εποχή της αβεβαιότητας
(cnn.gr, 3/8/2018)
Anastasia Sideri, Chair, WIB Committee

Έλσι Μέιο: «Εάν οι επιχειρήσεις δεν λειτουργήσουν ως αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι του οικοσυστήματος της κοινωνίας και του πλανήτη, δεν έχουν μέλλον»
(kathimerini.gr, 28/2/2018)
Article written by Katerina Kapernarakou on the occasion of the 9th WIB Women Leader Luncheon with Elsie Maio

Η λύση απέναντι στην ανασφάλεια των καιρών: Μια λέξη
(Huffingtopost.gr, 17/1/2017)
Myladie Stoumbou, Member, WIB Committee

Μιά «θηλυκή» ματιά στο κόσμο: Μαθήματα ηγεσίας από το αρχαιοελληνικό Πάνθεον
(ICAP 2016 Leading Women in Business, 12/2016)
Anastasia Sideri, Chair, WIB Committee

Νίκος Σταμπολίδης: Αποτυπώματα ενός εμπνευσμένου ανθρώπου
Huffingtonpost.gr, 19/11/2016
Myladie Stoumbou, Member, WIB Committee

Αντιμετωπίζοντας τη φτώχεια, την ανισότητα και την αδικία (Huffingtonpost.gr, 6/10/2016)
Anastasia Sideri, Chair, WIB Committee

Σπύρος Γιαννιώτης: 5 μαθήματα για όλους
(Huffingtonpost.gr, 19/8/2016)
Myladie Stoumbou, Member, WIB Committee

Διακοπές: Η πιο δημιουργική περίοδος… για δουλειά!
(Huffingtonpost.gr, 7/8/2016)
Marica Labrou, Member, WIB Committee

Ο Γιώργος Λογοθέτης ήρθε, μας μίλησε, μας μάγεψε
(cnn.gr, 5/7/2016)
Katerina Tsemperlidou, Member, WIB Committee

Σεμνότητα & Μαχητικότητα = Αληθινή Ηγεσία
(Huffingtonpost.gr, 28/6/2016)
Marica Labrou, Member, WIB Committee

Chair of the Committee

Anastasia Sideri, External Communications Director, Central and Eastern Europe, THE COCA COLA COMPANY

Committee Members

Alexaki-Catsambi Hariklia, Event Services

Bachas Liona, Managing Director, HELLASCHART

Cheimonidou Zeta, Vice President Marketing & Strategy, AB VASSILOPOULOS

Dalekou Chara, General Manager, Marketing & Communications, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE


Katsou Nelly, Member of the Board, PHARMATHEN

Kazakopoulou Betty, President, ASSET OGILVY PUBLIC RELATIONS


Labrou Marica, Managing Director, KAFKAS

Mariakaki Agnes, Managing Director, MINDSEARCH

Miliopoulou Georgia-Zozeta, Assistant Professor, THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GREECE

Mylona Martha, Senior Principal, Advisory, KORN FERRY

Siropoulou Niki, Director, SINGULARITYU GREECE

Stoumbou Myladie, Regional Director of Commercial Partner Channels and Programs for Multi-Country Cluster, MICROSOFT

Tarou Iphigenia, Senior Business Consultant

Tsekoura Teti, Group Chief Legal Counsel, OGILVY GREECE

Tsemperlidou Katerina, Blogger & Author

Tzimea Deppie, Executive Director Corporate Communications, OTE GROUP

Velliotou Peggy, Partner, Advisory, KPMG


Committee Coordinator: Boyatzis Angela