Investment & Finance Committee

Mission Statement

To actively promote Greece to foreign investors by providing information on reforms, laws passed through parliament, statistics on key financial figures of the Greek economy and key financial developments in the country. Information can be provided through dedicated webpage on Amcham website.

To act as a liaison between foreign investors and Greek government in order for foreign investors to receive more actively and accurate information on the Greek economy and to be able to have a platform from which their views and ideas can be effectively communicated to the Greek government.

To act as a platform that will propose reforms to be made that would allow for the Greek economy to become more investor friendly.

In order to achieve the above the Investment and Finance Committee would need to have associate/affiliated members that would pay a small yearly fee in order to be able and have access to all of the information and in addition for the committee to be able to demonstrate the investors it represents when presenting itself and its ideas to any third party or government body.

It is vital that all members of the committee need to actively promote the platform and what it can offer in order to attract as many affiliate/associate members as possible.

Chair of the Committee

Nicholas Papapolitis, Partner, Papapolitis & Papapolitis

Committee Members

Odisseas Athanassiou , CEO, Lamda Development
Costas Karagiannis, Operating Partner, Apollo Management International LLP
Konstantinos Kokkalis, CEO, Intracom Holdings Group
Socrates Lazaridis, CEO, Athens Exchange
George Linatsas, Group Managing Director, Axia Ventures
Chris Megalou, Managing Director, The Capital Limited
Thomas Varvitsiotis, President, V+O Advertising Consulting


Committee Coordinator:

Angeliki Dikeoulia